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Product Sampling of What's New at DreamSpinnerCreations-2013
Besides the line of unique turned Spindles & other Spinning tools I've been turning - I've added a line of stunning made-to-order wood, Laser Cut inlay, & a breathtakingly gorgeous array of acrylic & poly-resin lathe turned pens. Some recent examples are shown in the photo above & some are already listed in my ETSY shop. All my turned pens can be custom made to order!  
It all began in early January this year with the purchase of my JET-1014 mini-lathe, as a gift to myself to help speed up creating my intricately turned Supported Lace Spindles & shortly thereafter, my involvement, bordering obsession with The Freedom Pen Program 
Independent Wood Turners from all over the country are busily turning out gorgeous twist action wooden pens, completely at our own expense, for donations to The Freedom Pen Program who then redistribute & ship them overseas via various direct U.S. military unit P.O.C.'s {Point Of Contacts} as free thank you gifts with the goal to gift a handmade pen to every active duty American Serviceman & Servicewoman in Harms Way - serving in Afghanistan & the Middle East! The Freedom Pen Program & volunteer Turners do it all - absolutely GRATIS!
We include a short note with every pen, briefly describing the wood the pens are made in & include our personal contact information should the recipient wish to communicate with their turned pen donor.  It's a beautifully simple & lasting way of saying THANK YOU for your Service & Your Sacrifice & serves as gentle reminder to please use their unique gift pen to write a letter to someone who's anxiously awaiting their safe return home!
To learn more about The Freedom Pen Program - Please visit their homepage at: or contact me directly. One hundred percent of the profits from my ETSY shop pen sales - will go directly to offset the expense of re-stocking my turning & finishing supplies, wood & pen blank stocks, not to mention pen hardware kits to make more Freedom Pens!
International shipping fees are fierce! Any help you might feel led to contribute will be greatly appreciated - or - visit my ETSY shop & just BUY a pen as a wonderful OOAK gift suitable for ANY occasion that also helps us to keep on turnin these gorgeous OOAK Turned Pens! Should you be interested in making a donation to this more than worthy cause, please contact me at
Now you know WHY I'm suddenly addicted to turning pens!
I will be soon listing specialty Pink Freedom Pens in my ETSY shop with 100% of their sales donated to The Freedom Pen Program staff - specifically to help offset their base out-of-pocket operating expenses & help offset international postage fees!  Our goal this year is 200,000 Freedom Pen donations & here's a sobering thought - That's STILL probably not nearly ENOUGH!
We're still at WAR folks & Our Best & Bravest deserve to be reminded that they are not forgotten or ever very far from our thoughts & prayers! Now you know WHY I'm addicted to turning pens!

Well I've been at it again & have been busy at my Jet-1014 lathe mastering turning Tibetan-Style "Steel Magnolia" -  Lace Supported Spindles! This 12" long beauty was turned from a single piece of Padauk kiln-dried stock. The amazing thing to me is that it will spin a reliable 30 seconds on a single flick when barely supported upright & resting in a shallow glass dish or ceramic piece like the little condiment saucer in the photo.

Paduak is an interesting new wood for my turnings, it's almost rather messy to work with since it throws off an orange muddy { very reminiscent of our Georgia red clay soil!} dust - everywhere when worked on the lathe & really doesn't show off the lovely wood-grain's character very much - UNTIL it's being finished & sealed in two coats of Turner's CA {super glue} followed by three more coats of Rustoleum prime semi-gloss polyurethane to harden the surface & seriously protect the wood from scratches.

The Turner's CA & Urethane finishes make her just shine up like GLASS & that wood grain just POPS at you in deep dark red-oranges to almost black runs that makes the eye think it just goes deeper & deeper almost into forever. Anyway this one will be listed in my ETSY shop shortly, along with another OOAK Paduak hardwood Tibetan Style "Steel Magnolia" Lace Spindle that's still drying on the lathe at the moment.

Stop by the shop often to see what else is new in Spindles & Spinning Tools w/ a uniquely feminine, old world look & feel for the discerning Spinner! They're are no two of my items made exactly alike & will make treasured gifts for the Spinner in your life. They're unique by design &  simply NOT to be ignored in any Spindler's collections!

Here's another little tool I'm turning lately on my lathe that's not only a functional necessity in any Spinner's Toolkit - They're just plain CUTE!!!

Made with to be suspended & worn conveniently as a pendant from any cord,  ribbon, or necklace du jour, or from a wristaff or hanging on your Spinning wheel for easy reach - These lovely lady-like Wraps Per Inch Gauge / Pendants will help your favorite Spinner keep a consistently even gauge to their spinnings while adding a bit of decidedly old world allure to their Spinning tool collection!

There are several WPI Pendants already in my ETSY shop just waiting to be added to YOUR Spinning collection! Thanks for the read & Happy Spinnings! Teri

1 comment:

Debi Potts said...

Your pens are beautiful! And that Tibetan Spindle is gorgeous!!! I really like the color of that Paduak wood!

Deb :)

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