As promised, here are my latest  ©Whirly Girls - OOAK - Russian Lace Support Spindles by ©Dream Spinner Creations-2013.  These first nine offerings, are currently available in my ETSY shop.  I wanted something with a definitely more feminine flair to them than I see offered anywhere else. The gentle curves on these ladies just make them more comfortable in a Spinner's hands whether loaded with Lace singles or empty & on display in a Spindle collection.

I leave the different wood stocks to "tell" me how to turn & design them on my lathe - So each one is definitely OOAK & simply cannot be reproduced exactly. Please READ their listings carefully to make sure the Spindle you might be interested in is still available. I'll annotate & update this posting for Spindles are sold & are no longer available.

Every Spindle's hand-turned on my Jet 1014 mini-lathe, with custom hand-carved detailing & finished with multi-grit sandings & hand-rubbed with a secret hot Carnauba wax process & finally sealed in multiple coats of Wood Turner's C.A. for extra strength & durability.

They've all been personally test-spun & hand-balanced for excellent spinability! Perfect for the Russian Lace or fine gauged Spinner on your list. They hold approximately 325-400 yds. of lace singles, at least they do for me. : } Referring to the photo above - here are the Spindles & their vital statistics.

A. "Slenderella" - OOAK - Is 12" long x .75 oz. Hand-turned in oak hardwood - Orenburg Russian Lace Support Spindle spins beautifully & faster as your yarn cop builds on.

B. "Simplicity" - OOAK - Is 7/8th oz. x 12" long. Hand-turned oak hardwood. Orenburg Russian Lace Spindle with a simple design & shape & is an excellent fast Spinner!

C. "La Bomba" - OOAK - For those wanting a more feminine curved Spindle - is 12.5" long x .75 oz.

D. "Mega-Bomba" - OOAK - This one's a monster - but she spins like CRAZY & holds a LOT of lace yarnage! 1.25 oz. x 15" long - Perfect for a Beginner Lace Spinner! Hand-carved & lathe turned in Oak hardwood.

E. "Le Questa" - OOAK - Is 7/8th oz. x 13" long - Hand-carved & turned in oak hardwood, in a more common Russian Orenburg Lace Spindle design & style in a median weight & length. Just perfect for a Beginner Lace Spinner!

F. "Imperfecta" - OOAK - This one just makes me smile & is 13" long x 7/8ths oz. She's made in aged oak & has an obvious "fault" in her that no self-respecting Turner would probably have used - but sure enough - she Spins like a TOP! Simple in her design - she spins so well, I almost hate to give her up for sale! Lovely  Spindle!

G. "Lady Finger" - OOAK - Ornately turned with deliberately feminine curves - is .50 oz. x 12.5" long. Pretty to look at & lovely to spin! Hand-Turned in lt. oak - A lovely ornate Russian Lace Spindle to add to your collection!

H. "Delica" - OOAK -Weighing in at .75 oz. x 12" long - OOAK - Lovely oak hardwood Orenburg Russian Lace Supported Spindle.

I. "Gravitas" - This one just swirled off my lathe! A truly ornately turned beauty in a lovely oak hardwood. She is 12/5" long x 5/8th oz. Truly a lovely addition to any Spinner's collection!

Will soon post several new Spinner's Orifice Loop Threaders with a WPI {wraps per inch} gauge built into the handle - or not... : } Wait till you see the new ones in Purple Heart wood!

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