Welcome 2013 & New Spinning Adventures!
I've decided to significantly speed up my new line of Russian Lace Supported Spindle
production & detail work by investing in a new JET-1014 Mini-Lathe & {gulp} teaching myself how to actually USE one in my usual by-the-seat-of-my-pants manner. You know the one: Hands-on Full Speed Ahead & when all else fails - READ the Destructions!
So far you can see how bizzy I've been learning the lathe & making up wonderful whirling pretties that are just PERFECT for Spinning those traditional ultra - fine gauged Russian {Ornasberg} Lace yarn singles! I figure there's no rule that says they can't be decorative as well as functional - so I'm making my whirling pretty ladies with lots of sultry curves & decorative details! Someday - I'll teach myself knitting skills well enough to actually Knit an Ornasberg Russian Lace Shawl por moi'!  At least that's my ever recurring knitting dream anyway!
The next two photos detail how I'm also coming way outta my personal Spinning Comfort Zone lately & dare I say it - "experimenting" with some of the finest & most beautifully seductive hand-painted fibers in the world!  I've recently discovered my latest Dyeing Maven / Fiber-Crack Dealer - Rickie from RavenRidgeFiberArt on ETSY  & her stunningly brilliant & seductive colourways! NOT your usual wunder fluffs I can tell you! The colours are simply TO DIE FOR { no pun intended!}.
The new Spinning experiment I'm working on is spinning a LESS specific colour banding yarnage & creating more of a tweeded effect - by stripping these lovely tops lengthwise into halves. Then gently carding them into fluffy open batts on my Louet Jr. Roving Carder. Then - layering several different fiber batts dyed of course in the same colourways - & wrapping them very loosely onto Distaffs that I can rest underneath my {non-dominant} spinning arm - behind the knee or underneath my ummm hindparts & draw the fibers directly off the Distaff. Finally, spinning them in what can only be called a "demi-woolen" method that not only blends all those wonderful different property fibers but also creates a lovely  "tweeded" effect in the lace singles vs. pooling or uneven color 'banding" that happens when spinning tops end to end to maintain the separate colours. 
Anyway - You can see how that's working out in the next two photos! I plan to most likely Navajo 3 ply these singles so there will be some slight tho a bit muted color banding when knitting the finished fingering / light sport weight yarnage once the steam-fulling is done to set the twist.
So now you know what I've been up to lately & this will be the year I deliberately spin OUT of my usual dead stubborn auto-worsted yarnage spinning styles & learn to use Distaves properly! They're a bit daunting at first - getting used to angling them comfortably so you can seamlessly spin & draw off the fibers to be spun from them - but well worth the effort to TRY them! So far the fibers seem to pull easier & spin up in much finer gauged singles than in my old wrapping a length of opened top around my wrist & forearm method did!
I'm making Distaffs from simple 1/2" diameter oak dowels cut just shy of 2.5' long or so, for everyday spinning & will try out a bastardized - I mean "repurposing" a cherry finished carved wood hall tree into a free-standing decorative Distaff - that can be set up at either 40-odd inches high or full out at 73" high & sports 5 wooden pegs at the top to hold spinning fiber batts - vs- coats & hats n various clothing stuff! Will let you know how that works out when I get it later this week. NOTE: I totally lucked up & found several on eBay for well under $30 - Search "hall tree" to find them!  Wishing us one & all a happy & healthy 2013 & as always - Happy Spinnings! Teri

Here's a closer look at the sampler of my new Dream Spinner - ooak - ©Whirly Girls 
Very ornately hand-carved & hand-turned Russian Lace Support Spindle Collection for 2013 that are in my new Spinning product pipeline for my ETSY shop & will be offered there! 
Each uniquely ornate "©Whirly Girl" fine lace supported spindle has a uniquely grooved &  customary sharply tapered tips for easier, more comfortable grippage & incredibly faster, more prolonged spinnability! 
Fresh off my lathe, are Spinner's Orifice Tube Nylon Loop Yarn Threaders w/ a built-in WPI or Wraps Per Inch Gauge in their handles. Hand-turned in hardwoods in OOAK designs, the hardwood handles average about 5-to-6" long,  w/ a 3.5" - 4"  heavy-duty nylon monofilament "Loop" & a handy brass hanging loop.
They're simply the perfect gift for your favorite Spinner that are so much easier to use than metal hooks that can damage fragile antique or narrow fiber feed tubes! The Orifice Loop Yarn Threaders w/ WPI Gauges are only $25.00 + $5.00 S&H {in the lower 48 USA} & can be custom made to order for those wanting a custom lengthed handles, nylon yarn threader loops, or changes with their basic hand-turned design. Orifice Threaders are also available without the WPI Yarn Gauge for $20.00 + $5.00 S&H to the lower U.S. 48 states.
Just click the photos below to see a full sized previews!

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