Scottish Hybrid "Dealgan" Spindles and coming back from the dead...

Hello everyone! I'm slowly working my way back among the living from the black abyss I've been trapped inside since April 6th this year, after losing my Beloved of 34 years to a devastating Grade 4 Sub-arachnoid Brain Hemorrhage -aka- aneurysm - that was so SEVERE it triggered a heart attack at the same time.

My poor Beloved crashed a few hours later at our local ER and required total life support just before being helicoptered with two doctors on-board to Emory University's Neuro Sciences Critical Care unit in ATL only 30 minutes away by air. He valiantly fought to come back to me - but alas succumbed and died in my arms with his dignity intact, painlessly and peacefully 16 days after the initial attack in March.

 I've been stuck in a paralytic grieving fugue far too long, until these last couple of weeks when I decided enough of this,  I've cried pretty much ALL that I CAN, and I'm taking what's to be the rest of my life BACK while I still can. I've decided since I'm still here - there MUST be a really good reason for it - tho I haven't quite figured out what that is yet.

I've lost 50 pounds and three sizes down since his attack March 22 - and tho it's quite an effective weight loss system - not being able to or wanting to eat much at all - I totally would NOT recommend it! I'm told it will go away eventually, and everything will stop tasting of bitter spent adrenaline and that I'm "suffering from clinical PTSD" - Well hell - isn't EVERY ONE these days!?!??!??

I've been forced to rediscover HOW and WHAT I have to DO now to take care of myself by myself, and generate at least a little side income via my ETSY shop and sales of  my unique line of Spinning toys, tools, and Antique Reproduction Era hybrid Lace and Support Spindles, and several new designs such as those shown in the photo above, which are my interpretation of Scottish Dealgan {pronouced JELLL-EE-CAN} Hybrid Spindles.

Dealgans have been dated as far back as the 17th Century and are enjoying a very strong come back into vogue among today's Spindlers - Young and Seasoned alike!

I turn them in my little shop -aka- my former middle bedroom, in all sorts of wood species, and my current personal favorite,  multi-colored dyed and Laminated Birch Spectraply blanks that are finished and sanded down to 12,000 grit, sealed and hot waxed to a glossy shine while they're still on my lathe!

 Because of their traditional "criss-cross" carved X indention across the bottom, where you run your working yarn across after winding on your fresh handspun and before half-hitching the working yarn back up at the tip before spinning - they're so much easier to manage than more traditonal Beginner Spinner's drop spindles, which can be really difficult to master early on - especially for new Spindlers or those like me, challenged with some fine motor skill deficits, arthritis and neuropathy,  that complicate just how finely coordinated my hands can or WILL work together smoothly and in tandem!

I only WISH I had known about the Dealgans when I first began teaching myself to Spin!
Anyway - that's where I'm concentrating most of my turnings as well as creating more high end collectible writing instruments - that are works of art and too unusual to call "pens"!

What's New in the Dream Spinner New Product Pipeline?
I've created 3 new adaptive  PVC and Wheelchair wheeled Spinning wheels - Two are takes onmy  "UDS" or ©Universal Dream Spinner {universally adaptive to several types and Flyer / Bobbin models and styles including the hugemongous BULKY & Country Spinners - all on ONE treadle powered wheel frame!

One is a particular new favorite I created in one inch ID PVC Pipe, sporting a 26" diameter wheelchair Drive wheel. The prototype is a "high castle" mounted wheel, with right and left PVC side frame rails - that provide extra spinning stability, with a Right or Left Hand Forward MOA mounting arm, that employs a true "Tilt-Tension" adjustable Drive Band tension adjustment feature - and can be spun in Single or Double Drive modes!  It also employs my ©C.W.B.T.S. - Suspended Counter Weight Brake Tensioning System for ultra fine tuned Flyer/Bobbin whorl brake tension adjustments!

On the opposite side Rail of this UDS wheel's frame - there's also a tilt tension and right /left twistable  PVC "Special Tee" Plying Arm - that can be brought closer to the Spinner or moved a bit further away, and can also TILT in or away from the spinner to the perfect position for the most comfortable ease while Plying a 2 ply yarn from two suspended and free spinning bobbins at once!

Photos of this little gem will be provided in my next post which I SWEAR will not be nearly so long in coming. I have taken my Spinning Life back and I'm diving in head first into my new fulfilled Purpose in life as time permits while settling my Beloved's negative value "estate" and other legal issues. Oye!!!

Here's a little teaser for you too - I am SERIOUSLY considering making booklets with detailed instructions, photos, and parts lists for those reasonably handy DIY'ers out there who would like to save a LOT of MONEY building their own OOAK  ©Universal Dream Spinner-High Castle Treadle Powered Spinning Wheel and MAYBE doing a second one for my ©Electronic Universal Dream Spinner wheel - which are the same electronic ©UDS machines I'm still using today!  So stay tuned for new updates!

One LAST thing - Should you choose to post a comment - Please keep it family friendly and related to my post content only please. Of course if you just cant say anything nice - Please just DON'T.  Further, be warned that I will instantly DELETE and BLOCK any and ALL comments posted by "Anonymous"!!! You RAN me off my own blog for months and years with your purile garbage - but NO MORE!!!

 This is MY personal space on the web and I have ZERO tolerance for spammers, creeps, and perverts! It's just heartbreaking how much EVIL has been allowed to contaminate and spoil so much of what is GOOD online.

Finally Be Advised:  All content, photos, and descriptions of my OOAK creations are copyright protected - please respect me and my work,  and do NOT use my work to "backwards engineer" or steal it for yourself in any manner public or private. - Which if you didn't BUY it directly from me - It's absolutely still STEALING!

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