My homage to Betty Roberts - Accelerated Spinning Wheels..

Updating my homage to reknowned Accelerated Spinning Wheel Maven - Betty Roberts:
"Steam-Punked" was just screaming for COLOUR & COLOUR she's now GOT! I painted the nylon 12" & 22" diameter wheels in a metallic FolkArt paint called "Amethyst" which is more purple than the blue-ish cast that my monitor is throwing & an actual DARKER purple as seen in the photo above taken with a flash in a darker room background than the gorgeous softer pastel purplish lavendar colour as she appears in normal daylight. Click directly on the pic itself to jump to a much larger version of "Steam-Punked"! The yarnage on her treadle are laceweight singles spun on the Louet WooLee Winder & more on my new ©Dream Spinner Creations - 2012 -  Russian Lace Support Spindles I'll be releasing on my ETSY shop - just in time for Christmas giftings!
IMAGINE "Steam-Punked" with my all-time favorite new spinning wheel "toy" - those way too cool 16 light LED Lightshow sticks, that I attach directly to my wheel with twisted cording made from clear 1mm beading stretch cord - so there's enough normal "vibration" to set the light stick off & scrolling continuously when spinning thru the 32 different lightshow patterns,  ranging in mixes of brilliant RED - BLUE - GREEN & YELLOW - so the images cast fool the eye completely & seem to "chase" round the entire lower wheel with indirect very dim lighting or in darker settings.
She definitely gets extra points for COOL now!!! And OMG - is she a FAST Wheel!!! Gotta get someone smarter than myself to figure out the actual spin ratios for me - with both the large & smaller Lace spinning whorls on the WooLee Winder bobbins! 
Here's a photo example of what some of the lightshow stick patterns look like - shot with my Fuji FinePic HS10  digital camera - all while treadling like mad - at a 400 ISO very fast shutter speed to "catch" & capture the entire "chase" in my spinning studio / office / computer / mini-shop / tea room - forerly known as my former LR & DR! It was a very cloudy overcast late afternoon! The light sticks are triggered by vibration & auto-detect low lighting conditions & will turn on & OFF automatically to conserve their AAA battery power - that seem to run forever on a charge - Per usual - CLICK directly on the pic to jump to a larger version!   Enjoy!!! : P

While I'm a Lady In Waiting for my new Jensen 30" Ashley Scandinavian double-table wheel to be built & shipped... I was busying myself with a combined spinning wheel design theory. Remember that I'm horribly dyslexic & have the double-whammy of having an analytical mind that NEVER shuts the hell up - EVER!

Sooo - I just spent the last 3 days or so whaling away on PVC & gutting a couple of older BABE wheels I had round the house mostly scrapping them for spare parts these days... And after seeing the incredibly gorgeous tandem-driven "accelerated spinning wheels" of modern day Wheelmistress Betty Roberts - And not really having ever paid much attention one way or another which SIDE of my wheels my Flyer is mounted to the wheel...

And finally - knowing that my Jensen Ashley is being made with the wheel on the RIGHT which will be a first for me... Herewith came the following result... I give you my brand new ©Dream Spinner Creations-2012 wheel design creation called "Steampunked" - a PVC & Nylon dual wheeled Tandem Driven spinning wheel! Boyyy is she a FAST wheel tho! Whooo!!!  CLICK the PIC to see a larger view.

The lightshow stick mounted to the lower 22" diameter nylon drive wheel runs on 3AAA batteries & randomly flashes thu 32 different patterned LED brilliant color arrays - that in nearly dark - appear to "chase" round & fill the entire wheel! Going to be major-league FUN on Halloween I can tell you & extra points - for Cool too!!! This is what happens when I have a creative URGE hit me that will NOT be denied! I think I'm in LOVE with my new "Steampunked" PVC Accelerated Spinning Wheel!

Happy Autumnal Spinnings Ya'll! Teri


Diana Troldahl said...

I bet she is a sight to see!!!!
I hope you get video of her in operation at dusk :-}

Definitiv said...

Love it! It is totally awesome!

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