A Lady In Waiting... For My Jensen 30" Ashley wheel!

Isn't she STUNNING tho??? I've wanted a 30" diameter wheel forever! This will probably be the last addition to my collection / spinning wheel stable! I'm a Lady In Waiting & not so patiently I must admit - for this GORGEOUS Jensen 30" "Ashley" Scandinavian Double-Table wheel to be custom made unfinished for me by Mr. Jensen himself before he retires from the spinning wheel business entirely! 
This is what mine will look like only unfinished after the average 2-3 months it will take for her to be artfully hand-crafted. I get that works of art like this take TIME & simply cannot be rushed - But Ohhh I am SO itchy to get my spinning paws on her! I figure staining her will take about 2 weeks to let her properly dry between coats & finish oilings etc etc ... She's being made in 100% Cherry wood so I may not stain her at all & just give her a natural Tung oil finish that naturally hardens, seals & protects the wood - then just treat her as I do all my wheels with routine oiling treatments of "Ballistol" - a gun cleaning oil that feeds, conditions, restores & protects - EVERYTHING you can think of!
Just thott you might enjoy a peek at my new baby while I wait & ponder, & dream of Spinning beautiful lace yarns on this jaw-dropping beauty of a spinning wheel! I have to think of a suitable name for her before she gets here too! Kind of leaning towards Greta something or other - or "Evangeline".
Admittedly she's going to be the MOST EXPENSIVE wheel I've ever owned & probably worth MORE than all the rest combined! I keep telling Honey that the Good News Is - that when I finally kick the bucket these lovely spinning wheels will STILL be worth every penny we've paid for them or at the very least, more than enough to cover anything resembling post-mortem "Buyer's Remorse".
WISH someone in my family was a Spinner to inherit these treasures one day - but afraid that Spinning only lures & romances moi'! I imagine they'll still all find excellent loving homes & countless useful years of happy spinnings with fellow RAVELRY members who know how to use & care for them & would absolutely CHERISH them as much if not more so than I do.

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