Can ya say - Vrrroooommmmm!!!

Ya'll KNOW what a total 5 y/o CHILD I still am even at 60! I got this amazing LCD bicycle wheel lightshow stick in the mail yesterday & mounted it to the 24” wheel on my Kromski Symphony spinning wheel with harmless interlinked rubber bands so as not to damage my precious & expensive wheel. It could just as easily be mounted between two BABE wheel spokes with interlocked rubber bands. Click ON the pic above to see a hugemongous version of it & those amazing designs!!!

I had to treadle like a crazy person to capture the entire 360* design effect with a slow 400 ISO shutter speed to get clear images in the dimly lit, overcast daylight in my spinning studio yesterday late afternoon. It randomly cycles through 35 different patterns & is purely addictive to WATCH! Good thing I spin mostly by "feel"!!!

The colors are gorgeous pastels in indirect dim daylight & VIVID RED - GREEN & BLUE in darkness! Definitely gets extra points for Coolness & stunningly inexpensive too! : } More fun than less than $15 oughta buy ya - but shhhhh… don’t TELL anyone they're THAT affordable!

You CAN spin at a fairly slow clip & STILL clearly see the designs flashing… I just had to practically FLY while trying to capture the full 360* effect with a really slow shutter speed! Happy & VIVID Spinnings! Teri

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