What Our Universal Dream Spinner Customers Say...

From: RoInGa I'm SO pleased with my purchase from TheDreamSpinner!!! It's a sweet machine, and everything is so well thought-out. It comes with a great instruction manual and accessories, and best of all, customer service. Totally recommend this seller and this machine. I'm already having a ball! Thanks, Teri!!! From: Kattnutt:This IS awesome! I can't say enough about the Dream Spinner - It works so nicely - I am spinning lace weight on it right now & what a beautiful machine! I hope someone buys the other spinner I have up for sale, so I can get another WooLee Winder, cause the one I have is staying on the Dream Spinner! Wow - it does everything and is so versatile! I am still reading the nice book that came with it and looking over the things in the package. I am so glad I got it and it's less than half the price of the other electric spinners at full price! I sure am going to try to sell this machine {to our guild members} when I go to the guild with it What a nice piece of work it is Thanks a million for suggesting it! Pat From: Laticia M. Subject: This is awesome! Hi Teri! This spinner is fantastic! It is so smooth and quiet, & ingenious in how it is able to accommodate all kinds of flyers and bobbins. I truly am impressed and feel it is worth every penny I spent! You truly have a tremendously wonderful and affordable product and I do hope the word gets out quickly at how seriously good this spinner is and all it is capable of doing! I have spun on three other name brand spinners, the Ashford, the Roberta Electronic Ertoel, & the Butterfly Womack Spinner. The Butterfly was fantastic too, but yours is half the price and spins just as well as the Butterfly. I disliked the Ertoel intensely, it was a bit noisy & the tension had way too much pull & because there's only one sliding hook on the flyer & no way, at the time did I know of putting another hook on the other flyer arm, so that you can lace the yarn back and forth to ease drag, I had to sell it, I simply could not use it. I actually like a lot of tension, but that was like reigning in a wild horse. The Ashford was good too but it made the yarn jiggle a lot, I had to put a small fitting into the orifice hole to cut down on that. I mean, they were all good spinners, but they are twice or three times what yours costs, and, you had to have its own bobbins and flyers. Thats what is so awesome about yours! If someone just buys the Universal Dream Spinner - Frame Only Kit & a Deluxe Power Supply w/ Dimmer Pkg like I did, to fit my Louet Spinning Wheel Flyer & Bobbins, then they can use what they already are likely to have at home! After all, you can only spin on one wheel at a time, right? I found out about you while I was surfing through Etsy, drooling for all the fiber I wanted to buy, lol, & spindles!, & just typed in "Spinning Wheel" and found your UDS ad! All for now, I want to go play some more with my new toy! Big Hugs To You, Laticia Click the "RAVELRY" icon below & come see the BEST Spinning / Knitting/Crocheting / Weaving / Fiber Dyeing - FiberArtist's gathering place online - or- anywhere!!!

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The Electronic Universal Dream Spinner

The Electronic Universal Dream Spinner
ONE Electronic Wheel to spin EVERY style - type or BRAND Flyer & Bobbin out THERE!!!

BABE - Electronic Spinning Wheel

BABE  - Electronic Spinning Wheel
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