For other Disabled Fibercrafting fanatics - who like myself deal every day with mobility issues, limited range of motion, nerve damage, fine motor skill loss, neuropathy, and / or other chronic pain challenges, that celebrate our Kindred Spirits & Creative if rather Unusual workarounds - There's a new favorite Ravelry group Forum - Who truly "FEEL YOU" - without explantation or any NEED for one, called ROVERS! Come & check them out! You'll instantly be welcomed "HOME"! Join RAVELRY & join in the Fibercrafting FUN! It's NOT just for those with the luxury of being perfectly "normal" ... Happy Spinning Ya'll! Teri


BlueRose said...

hi Teri I just wanted to say HI. Love your site.

Diana Troldahl said...

Thanks for the Rovers plug!
I am so glad you joined us :-}

wreathmiccreations said...

Hi Teri--Thanks for the good word on my totes! I hope I can make more spinners happy with my handy totes for your projects. Hey spinners, contact me with any questions about my totes, I love custom orders. Georgy

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting for me to read this blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Teri said...

RE: COMMENTS - I've been ovewhelmed of late by people commenting as "Annonymous" - that's led to a stunning influx of viagra-like & porn ads. Please use a REAL screenname & verifiable persona profile BEFORE any comments are posted or published! Those who take delight in placing porn or drug ads are a blight to decent people's informative blogospheres & are NOT welcome here. This is a Family-Friendly site. ALL comments WILL therefore BE verified & screened before publishing! We regret having to employ this tactic but there are just too many cowardly creeps mining the blogs these days! Thaks for your understanding - Teri

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