Introducing - The New "Sling Blade" Handspinners!

Introducing my newest & most unique Hand-Spinner's gadget - The "©Sling Blade" Hand-spinner! Modeled loosely after children's antique clacker / noisemaker toys, my © Sling Blade spins up gorgeous fine gauged or lace weight yarnage singles. Since there's literally ZERO "tension" stress as it's being spun, the fibers literally FLOAT in mid air while "twist energy" is spun into them. Using the simple "Park & Draft" spinning technique, YOU control precisely how MUCH "twist energy" is spun INTO the yarn & HOW FAST! It's simply UN-SPUN if you find your hand-spun yarn twisted too tightly - by slinging the "blade" in the reverse direction - until the over-twisting has been corrected! Besides being FUN to USE - My "©Sling-Blade" will hold up to 300-400 yards+ of fine gauged yarn singles on ONE "BLADE"! No other ergonomically designed hand-spinner like mine can hold anywhere NEAR that much yarnage wound onto one single blade or spindle-type wind-on yarn carrier! To PLY your handspun singles - You simply suspend your filled "©Sling-Blades" from included Suspension Hardware that comes with each set & PLY them as fast as you can spin while off-loading your plied yarn onto treadled spinning wheel bobbins, or an Electronic Spinner or, into a long Navajo type or very long spindles! They are also very handy for the Navajo plying technique - where you take a single yarn strand or ply & spin it into a lovely 3-ply by using an exaggerated "finger-chaining" technique... making an even succession of pulled long drawn-out loops of yarn off the suspended "blade" & pulling them back THROUGH each other as you lightly spin in the opposite direction that your singles were spun in! Each of my "©Sling -Blade" spinners are personally hand crafted in oak hardwoods & frost-ground plexi-glass for durability & balanced for nearly effortless spinnnability! JUST the thing for those of us with fine motor skill challenges, limited range of motion, or mobility issues! OR - for tucking into a spinning bag to take along while waiting at Doctor's offices or soccer practice for your kids! If you can SLING a STRING in a circular motion - You CAN Spin wonderful yarnage almost instantly with my "©Sling Blade"! Experience for yourself JUST how easily & FUN spinning your own luxury fiber yarn almost any where can BE! Watch my demo video & then visit my ETSY shop for even more deliciously unique spinning temptations. Click on the little red yarn ball banner & LQQK for ME as "TheDreamSpinner" on the BEST FiberArts Gathering Place on the net!


Brenda said...

WOW....looks like fun!!!!!

barb said...

Teri, thank you so much for your spinning innovation. Two minutes out of the box and I am sling blade spinning. What a hoot and I see some hand-spun hand-knit socks in the future, albeit distant future.

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