Electronic Universal Dream Spinner - BABES Package Deal

It's OFFICIAL!!! My own "Electronic ©UNIVERSAL Dream Spinner" is a proud new member of the Babes Fiber Garden - LLC - Winter 2007 - Product Line! BABES - Electronic ©Universal Dream Spinner Package Deal as shown above for just $470.36 + S&H! Available exclusively in this configuration at: http://www.babesfibergarden.com/ - or Order directly for much LESS thru my ©Dream Spinner Creations ETSY shop at http://thedreamspinner.etsy.com/ The Universal Dream Spinner electric spinner is compatible with all standard BABE Fiber Garden's Spinning Wheel Flyers & Bobbin assemblies , Louet, Ashford & Kromski to name a few & spins in either Bobbin-Lead or Flyer-Lead options & is compatible with the first fully automatic self-winding WooLee Winder flyers & bobbins at: http://www.babesfibergarden.com/
For those who already have their own spinning wheel flyers & bobbins - We offer the ©SUniversal Dream Spinner - Frame Only Kit for just $350. You'll need to order an electronic motor & pedal group option & other accessory items available separately. Meanwhile I hope you'll enjoy watching me spinning with the Electronic ©Universal Dream Spinner shown w/ the NEW BABES Fiber Garden - Flyer-Lead option video below!

This is a video demonstration of me spinning with an earlier Electronic "Universal Dream Spinner" prototype model using the latest BABES "Flyer-Lead" spinning Flyer option.

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The Electronic Universal Dream Spinner

The Electronic Universal Dream Spinner
ONE Electronic Wheel to spin EVERY style - type or BRAND Flyer & Bobbin out THERE!!!

BABE - Electronic Spinning Wheel

BABE  - Electronic Spinning Wheel
When Time & Space Are Key...