Well - I've finally gone & DONE it! I JUMPED into the "Rabbit Hole" & bought a 24" Kromski  Symphony Saxony Wheel as a milestone gift to myself for my 60th Birthday! I bought her unfinished to save myself $100 for pre-finished wheels & after an initial oiling the alder & birch woods, much to my chagrine din't absorb the oiling or stains uniformly or colour very prettily from an unfinished state with just a conditioning oiling. YIKES! It was a very uncomplentary shade of icky orange-ish.

Armed with my trusty art brush & steeled & fortified by several strong cups of my herbal blend tea, "Cabernet" & extremely DARK "Black Cherry" stains - I thinly brushed on the Cabernet first - which immediately turned my poor "Caliope" into a bit darker but orangey RED - Eeewww - even WORSE! There was nothing left to be done now - but TRY a thin over-stain sponge brushed layering of the uber-dark "Black Cherry" stain, et voila'!!!

The PERFECT Deep Cherry colour I was after to begin with! You can see Kromski's closest finish they call "Mahogany" on Caliope's JUMBO Flyer / Bobbin & the JUMBO DD Whorl plate on her "table".

The difference isn't quite that glaring in normal room lighting - but this was shot in direct sunlight streaming in from my front triple picture window. I'm truly in LOVE with my new Symphony wheel that spins so effortlessly easy she practically spins HERSELF & in dead silence too! Now THAT's truly a FIRST on both counts for me! So Happy 60th Birthday to ME! I'm absolutely in LOVE with my new "Caliope"!

Ohh yeahhh - I almost forgot to tell you that I've also discovered the very BEST KEPT SECRET to oiling / polishing & lubricating my wheels - ALL of them!!! It's a gun cleaning / lubricant oil product called "BALLISTROL" - You can get it from gun shops or major sporting goods shops or of course online. It's bio-degradeable & has no carcinogins. It feeds & conditions the Leathers of your wheel Maidens & does the same for all woods & when used as a polishing medium makes your woods shine like new money! It also lubricates & prevents rust on metals & of course - STOPS anything that SQUEEKS on contact too! When you buy some for YOUR wheel - get TWO 16 oz cans - Since your Honey will STEAL away with one of them!

I wish you all Happy Spinnings & Hoping to see you on:  RAVELRY!
Teri -aka- The Dream Spinner

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