My Aussie Sister Sam - Spinning with her ©Universal Dream Spinner!

This is my adopted Aussie Sister Samantha e-spinning  with her own electronic ©Universal Dream Spinner spinning wheel, using an Ashford Bulky Bobbin &Ashford Jumbo Flyer w/ a slide ring fiber guide, in a YouTube video from the Land Downunder. She's literally on the other side of the world from me, here in central Georgia USA,

So much for those totally BOGUS claims made by those who have never even SPUN one of my ©Universal Dream Spinners that the 7,000 rpm "sewing machine" motors I use on all of them are annoyingly "noisy"!

I've actually HEARD Sam's sweet Justin peacefully snoring while she & I e-visited via Skype till HER wee hours of the morning! Australia's 14 hours AHEAD of us in the states - so SKYPE visits mean that ONE of us is always in the DARK! THANK YOU both for making this video & special thanks to Justin for shooting it! Funny how the Ashford JUMBO Flyer & Bobbin whirling round are far "noisier" than the motor that powers it isn't it? : }
Just think - Samantha has only been spinning just over 5 months or so now & self-taught at that, with only a wee bit of really long-distanced Co-Piloting via SKYPE. Just wish you could SEE the lovely SMILE that comes over Samantha's face when she's spin-spin-spinninnnng all her cares away! With FOUR gorgeous kids - one a brand new two y/o toddler running her about the house AND Sam home-schooling her brood on TOP of it all - She really NEEDS to spin to decompress at night!!! WOW!

Thanks again for making this ©UDS Video of your "DIVA" Sam! It's a wonderful see it for yourself demonstration that I couldn't have done any better if I'd shot it myself!  Wishing you & "The DIVA" years of happy spinnings! Teri

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