Look Who's Coming To My House...

I can hardly STAND the wait to get my paws on this wheel - I've already named "Pandora"! My Son & his little family were out antiqueing the other day & suddenly - My cell phone alert went off  with an IM alert & Ohhh Myyyyy... Look at what he FOUND for Mom!!!

It's a wonderfully preserved Lithuanian style antique spinnng wheel! She was purchased at an estate sale of a very dear older lady who got it as a child from her Great-Great-Grandmother - It dates back somewhere between the late 1800's - early 1900's

There was no maker's mark of any sort on it anywhere - And it has been very obviously hand-tooled & turned since none of the turnings are precisely the same. All the more valuable in my book! Anyway the nice lady at the antique shop wanted $160 for it & Michael walked away with "Pandora" in his hands for only $140!! And he asked me IF I was interested in this wheel??? Ohhh Yahhhh Baby!!!

So now I have only to wait for her to be CAREFULLY packaged and shipped from Montana to central Georgia! Here's hoping those who handle this sweet package do so with ultimate care! More pics to follow once Pandora is home & fed & cleaned up a bit. 

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