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Happy Holly-Daze - From The Dream Spinner & News from our RAVELRY - Holly-Dazed SAL...
“Holly-Dazed” SAL Challenge Entry number two - “Daddy’s Little Girl”… I chose the grossly expensive {$6 an oz. is grossly expensive for ME anyway} "Orchid Pinks" rovings I’d been saving for three years JUST for something like this! It reminded me of Christmasses at my maternal Grandmother’s & Papa's. It was a tiny little house at the end of a dead end street, abutting mosquito-ridden brackish salt marshes in North Charleston S.C. Both Grandparents are long since GONE & their precious little house & the entire street, swept away entirely by Hurricane Hugo's "party favors".
That particular Orchid pink blend - reminded me of the STUNNING collection of long flowy movie star Peignoir sets my Grandmother had “ONLY for the hospital” dont you know! Such a special treat, I got to wear when I’d grown SO TALL way too soon, that they sort of FIT me with a bit to spare at the still too long hems, serving as a glamorous "train" on those magical gown. I vividly remember feeling very like the Max Glam “Madam Queen” my Beloved Papa {Grandfather} called me while wearing it & swishing around as glamorous as a tall & twigly 5’7” 12 y/o Tomboy possibly could.
Those are about the ONLY happy memories of my entire childhood. Holidays & brief summer vacations whenever we were stationed close enough to GET there, in time spent in that tiny little house with HUGE roiling bright HOT bubble lights, intricate hand-blown German glass ornaments that looked like glittering candies & far too much silver tinsel & itchy "Angel hair" everywhere! I can still "memory taste" the GROSSLY awful, but beauteous ribboned & filled hard candies in Grandmother's fancy antique glass dishes, so carefully scattered about on the buffet with HARD as diamonds in-the-shell mixed nuts & their dangerous nut crackers! Sighhhh - I do SO MISS those sweet innocent Holly Daze! sighhh… holding chin, cupped wistfully in both hands…
Anywayyy - The yarnage is my own custom Louet Roving carded blend of “Orchid Pinks” 50/50 Merino / Silk hand-painted by Material Whirled carded equally with “Pinks” 100% Bamboo by Whimzy Pinzy - then topped off with Paradise Fibers’ nylon “Faux Cashmere” {to DIE FOR by the way!} & brilliant irridescent Icicle Sparkles.
It worked out to 274 yards & 8.75 ozs, finished navajo 3-ply in a heavy "THICK n THIN" WW yarnage - destined for Holiday hand-knitted hats for my precious DIL & Baby Grand - Amara Grace’s second Christmas. WHEEWW!!!
I've been steadily carding & spinning batts like a mad-woman possessed here of late & LOVING IT! If you haven’t TRIED Paradise Fibers’ nylon Faux Cashere - YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY IT! I have NEVER ever put my hands into ANYTHING soooo cushy soffft in my spinning life! It blends like a dream & spins sooo sooo soft & easy! So much for nylon blending fibers! Move UP to the FAUX Cashmere nylon! It’s SO worth every single penny! Come JOIN the now One Million PLUS of us on RAVELRY! Hope you enjoy it & Carry on Spinning Ya’ll! Teri
We're at it again - The BABE Owner's Group at RAVELRY has only JUST ended the Autumn - Back-To-School Spin A Long Challenge & we're already thinking about those crazy Holly-Dazed celebrations coming right around the corner! So grab whatever fibers evoke vivid Holiday memories for you & Let's get bizzzy Spinning Yule... I mean - Ya'll! : } RAVELRY - It's "The FACEBOOK" of Fiber Art enthusiasts! Come JOIN the fun in our "Holly-Dazed - SAL - Challenge"!

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