RAVELRY - BACK-To School - SAL Challenge

Here's my first entry in the Ravelry - Back-To-School-Autumn SAL Challenge. Aptly named: Early Harvest" - Bluefaced Leicester & Silk blend - handpainted fibers by http://knittyandcolor.etsy.com/.
Yarn sampler skein is 3 ozs. of Navajo 3 ply - DK yarnage. Doesn't it just scream AUTUMN?
Come join us on RAVELRY - It's the "FACEBOOK" of all things fibercraft!

Who's up for a Back-To-School - Spin-A-Long Challenge??? Tho it's still hot as HADES here in Central Ga. the kids have gone back to school again already & we're dying for a cool crisp SNAP of an Autumnal chill in the air! So at RAVELRY which has been referred to as the "Facebook for Fiber Crafters"... we're hosting an Autumn-themed "Back-To-School - SAL Challenge" thru October 15th - 2010. With tons of Spinning, Fibercraft fairs, & Fiber shows coming up soon all over the country - what better way to inspire others to TRY the timeless gentle fiberart of Hand-Spinning than by spinning up brilliant Fall coloured yarnage & Spinning it in public if possible? Imagine crisp brilliant leaves waving wildly on bool Fall breezes, or crunching underfoot in damp mossy woodlands. Dream of crackling firesides, snuggling underneath handspun cozy afghans with steaming hot spiced Apple Cider & a brand new BOOK & lose yourself in the stolen hours of Autumn evening respites... Are ya feelin me here yet??? Grab some incredible Fall coloured spinning fibres du jour, that bring it all home to your heart & mind's eye. Tweak & tune up up those spinning wheels & snap up your favorite Spindles or inertial fed ©Sling-Blade Handspinners & Let's spin up some spicey Autumnal majick ya'll!

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