What's A "PREPPER" & WHY you NEED to KNOW...

What's a "PREPPER" You may Ask... & WELL you SHOULD... These are to say the least, frightening, uncertain & disconcerting times. People are "waking up" all over the Country & coming to the stark realization that relatively casual care free living as we once knew it - is OVER! It's been long enough since 911 - that we SHOULD have recovered as a nation & yet our nation is still running on only barely "controlled" chaos & paranoia. We therefore join those who have become politically "awakened" to this new sense of national urgency & the growing deterioration of our most basic American value systems, once assured us by our nations Founding Fathers & guaranteed us by the United States Constitution. In networking & preparing ourselves & those we love for the utter sociatal breakdown that may well soon ensue as joblessness worsens & our economy fails beyond any sense of reasonable repair in the remainder of our forseeable lifetime. To that end - We're networking with & sharing & practising those generationally passed on basic survival tips & the self-reliance tricks of our Great-Grandparents & those who survived The Great Depression & wars, by growing their own Victory Gardens, bartering seeds, & trading durable goods & services with their neighbors vs. the virtually worthless $$$ U.S. currency $$$ we're used to. Since $$$ will soon no longer be a viable source of American "currency" if things with our economy do NOT turn right round & FAST... We will be forced to depend on our own basic survival techniques, stocks, & defenses. "Preppers" are a national network of peaceful Patriotic people who are sharing our knowledge of saving for a rainy day - or in this case perhaps several MONTHS without such basic services as electricity - communications venues, or normal avenues of everyday "commerce"available to us. And WHEN / IF it happens - We will NOT be WARNED in ADVANCE! You & your Family WILL therefore need: These Survival BASICS on hand: Food - Shelter - Water & perhaps even some means with which to defend yourself & yours. We are NOT talking Terroristic means as bent by the complete misinterpretation of public mainstream media twists. We LOVE our country & CRY our for what's been done to her good name in the world. We are simply American Patriots - Proud & Free! We fly our flags over our homes night & day while our best & brightest are sent repeatedly to fight & die in pointless unwinnable wars against people with absolutely NOTHING to LOSE. We are NOT "Terrorists" - or - "Supremacists" or any other dark tilt mainstream media has painted upon us. I'm just a 57 y/o Grandmother who fears for my own national security - health & family's basic welfare & well-being! THAT does NOT make ME a "Terrorist" - It means - I have eyes, ears, & a mind & USE them. Now - All that said - Do YOU have small space food & gardening tricks & secrets? Or do you do vegetable seed collecting /swapping, or preserving or canning non-perishable foodstuffs - or smoked meats & such skills - IF in fact- the WORST absolutely happened TOMORROW - How LONG would your family be able to hold out on your own? If you want to SEE a near PANIC & immediate RUN on grocery stores here in Central Ga & CLEANED OUT in hours of BREAD - MILK & WATER - Just THREATEN them with a CHANCE of a SNOW FLURRY!!! I kid you NOT!!! Have YOU candles or dry-protected matches to light them with? Do you have flint steels & fire-starting skills? Have you Oil lamps & stocks of parrafin oil to resupply them? Have you packaged a BLACKOUT EMERGENCY KIT - with at least a 3 days supply of potable fresh or bottled water {1 gallon - per person - per day} - food - medicines - blankets & such for every member of your family? Do you have a bag of kitty litter in your trunk to throw under icy tires for TRACTION in a surprise or in our case - FREAK Winter Storm? Portable radios & LED Flashlights {which don't FAIL in extreme COLD} & FRESH batteries or a hand-crank powered emergency radio / light or emergency torches? DO you have your most important papers / documents stored & wrapped to toss into your EMERGENCY KIT BAG at a moment's notice? Have you any plan set up to commumicate with - or signal to GATHER your loved ones in the event of a total "What IF" disaster? THIS is what "PREPPERS" are all about. Not making war against our fellow man or threatening our govt. Just being PREPARED - Just in case the worst of the unforseeable worst happens & our families are totally dependent on ONLY what we have stored away for JUST such an event. REMEMBER - KATRINA - 911 & other such disasters - Your GOVERMENT WILL NOT BE THERE TO HELP YOU - NOR ANY OF THEIR AGENCIES! YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN! Are YOU Prepped & READY for a disaster of such proportions? Ending on a more personal note & faux paux apology - Apparently - I posted the WRONG links & a misplaced banner to these folks' blog & sites earlier today - So please check out the following links I was sent by correction with my apologies to anyone offended: http://whatisaprepper.blogspot.com/ or http://www.imaprepper.org/ or http://www.imaprepper.com/ And for more information about the American Preppers Network - Please visit - http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/

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