The Dream Spinner's Oddesy...

My Spinning odyssey began about 5 years ago, when on a whim, a treasured friend sent a DIY - Learn To Spin Kit - including a drop-spindle, some prepared wool spinning fiber {roving} & terrific Beginner Spinner's book filled with excellent photos "Spin It" by Lee Raven.

THUS my Spinning Love Affair - That not only gave me back nearly the complete free use of an exquisitely PAINFUL “frozen shoulder” - It began my total luxury fiber addiction!!!

I have 4 of over 250+ known forms of degenerative Arthritis - R.A. - O.A. - Fibromyalgia & the worst & most painful - degenerative cervical & thoracic spinal Ankylosing Spondylitis. They are CRIPPLING, HUMILLIATING & extremely PAINFUL - but NOT enough to force me to give UP spinning OR my personal goal of making the simple JOY of Spinning luxury fiber yarnage AVAILABLE to those also dealing with Disabilities - Limited range of mobility & chronic pain issues like mine - POSSIBLE - AFFORDABLE - COMFORTABLE & FUN!!!

I bought my very first BABE Spinning Wheel & was SO totally hooked on Spinning - I only bought 7 more completely different BABE Spinning Wheels -&- become the only BABES Fiber Garden ~ LLC ~ Spinning Wheel Dealer in GA. I can drop--ship anything from the B.F.G. website: anywhere & give all private EMAIL order customers a 10% discount!

I accept pre-payment via PayPal only - with delivery to your door is usually within 7 business days thereafter. Email: for more detailed information about BABE Spinning Wheels - Spinning supplies, Fibers, & my own custom hand-made ©Dream Spinner Creation items in my ETSY shop! And ask me about my NEW fully-adjustable electronic ©Universal Dream Spinner Spinning Wheel I designed that hosts almost ANY brand, type or STYLE flyer & bobbin-lead assembly! ALSO available from Babe’s Fiber Garden – LLC – DIRECTLY!

Spinning luxurious fiber yarnage is far less expensive than purchasing ready-made or quality synthetics & easier to master than you'd think! Check out the fabulous BABE Spinning Wheels & spinning supplies at: & Let's Talk Spinning!

Thank You for stopping by "The Dream Spinner"s! DO take a peek in the Favorite Spinning Links section too! Why not gather a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa & light snack & thennn... Click the Play buttons on the YouTube videos & prepare to Bee-Dazzle your eyes & ears with new Fiber-Delights!

Happy Spinning Ya'll! Teri

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Anonymous said...


Wow, you've blown me away with your DreamSpinner web page. It's a great layout, the videos are fantastic, I like the music, and all in all a first rate job by a first rate spinner. The Pig Lady

Debi said...

OMG! Despite your painful ailments you are able to spin and also design the most awe inspiring blog I've ever seen. So glad i found you thru Ravelry. I am currently dealing with RA & spinal stenosis so you're setting an exemplary example for me (actually, putting me to shame, lol). Hey, thanks for being you! (Corny but true). :)

Anonymous said...

So glad I found you and your blog through Ravelry! So you've got a bazillion ailments and still you manage to spin, to have the worlds best blog site and be an inventor! Wow! I'm currently dealing with RA & spinal stenosis, so your full house beats my pair! You've set an exemplary example for me (actually, shamed me, lol). Consider me an instant fan! --Debi Potts

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The Electronic Universal Dream Spinner

The Electronic Universal Dream Spinner
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